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Losing Weight & Inches Together Is Not Difficult

‘Why am I not losing weight?’, ‘I am losing inches but not weight. What should I do?’, ‘I am working out but not losing weight or inches, what to do?’ These are some common concerns of both men and women today.

People do lot of struggle in losing weight or inches, however, inspite of that, results are not convincing. The reason is obviously something is wrong somewhere, but what it is exactly can be difficult to analyze. Along with proper workout at the fitness center, you would also need to pay proper attention towards the proper diet plan, which is far away from the word ’dieting’ is definitely a solution.

The Mistake:

Eating the calories back:

A good workout at the gym burns the extra calories and this is why workout is important. But these are consumed back due to the temptation of the food. And this leaves one back, even in worse condition. Here you have to understand that exercising is done to burn extra calories, instead of eating more.

The Solution:

Have you heard about various weight loss programs that are conducted by the woman fitness gym in Singapore? This is the solution! Yes, here the weight loss advisers work upon the specific requirements and they tell you why you are not losing weight but only inches or why not either inches or weight.

If you are not sure about what it is and how it is done, then have a look here:

Analyzing the calorie intake that body needs:

Every body is different and has different requirements. The weight loss advisors work hand in hand with every person and analyze the calorie requirements of particular body. “Weight loss depends a lot upon the amount of calories one consumes daily and the amount it burns based on the metabolic rate and current lifestyle,” says a weight loss expert at the popular Singapore gym. He further added, “Once these figures are identified, then it becomes easy to plan food consumption as well as workout program.”

This surely does not mean that to lose weight or inches you would have to restrict food. Instead, the trick here is to eat more to lose more, but make sure that you eat right & eat properly along with workout.

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Things to know while choosing fitness programs and gyms for women

ImageIn order to stay healthy and to maintain good shape, you need to join a good women’s gym and perform daily workouts. Singapore is a city that is famous for its food options and the city also offers amazing facilities to take care of your health. There are many fitness centers in the country that are well facilitated with all modern equipments required for the women to perform their workouts. If you are joining a health club for the first time, you should take care of certain factors. If you proceed with physical exercises without understanding the process well, it might cause adverse effects. Here are few things that need consideration while choosing fitness programs and gyms for women.

 Follow the instructions of the trainer

When you choose the best fitness centre Singapore for your workouts you might feel that your job is done. You need to be very careful with your fitness workouts to make sure that you do not end up in a mess. You need to make sure that health center that you choose provides the assistance of a qualified trainer. You should follow the instructions given to you by the instructor from time to time in order to stay fit. Working out without an organized plan will not do any good and it might cause health issues too. Hence, talk to your instructor and understand the best fitness programs that are good for you. A professional will know what is best for you and hence do not take your own decisions unless you are completely sure of what you are doing.

Use the equipments that suit you

Plenty of equipments might be available at the health club and using all of it is not required. You need to choose the equipments that suit your body type. This is applicable even when you use the treadmill for your cardio sessions. If you run or walk for long hours without proper instructions, it might even be a reason for fatal issues like a cardiac arrest. Before you start your exercises, go through a warm up session with the help of the trainer. This will help to relax your muscles before you start working out using the gymImage equipments. Using weights should be done under strict supervision of a professional trainer. You should start with smaller amount of weights and increase it only after seeking permission from the instructor.

Choose a place that is accessible

When you select a health club for your workout sessions, the place should be easily accessible. Once you start with the fitness sessions, you should try your best to be regular. If the place is far from your home or work place, you might have a hard time visiting the place after the initial days of enthusiasm. If you enroll for a fitness program, you need to reach the health club on time every day in order to complete your sessions. This would be possible only if the place is close to your home or office.

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